6 Best Travel Apps 2017

What really makes a glaring difference between a rushed and stressed traveler and a restful and worry-free traveler on vacation is the effort put into proper planning. Nonetheless with the introduction of mobile travel apps, it is easier for you to embark on your journeys without having to worry about where you are going and the language that is spoken. The following best travel apps have been carefully selected and they have been reviewed for your reading pleasure. This review  will give you the details, purpose, and compatibility of each of the travel planning apps.


What Does it Do?

Duolingo is the world’s largest online language learning platform. Their travel apps were recognized as Apple’s iPhone App of the Year in 2013. Google Play also recognized it as it’s  Best of the Best for 2013 and 2014. The “Duolingo App” is one of the best free travel apps. It is a incredibly well-designed language learning application. While it’s not a replacement for proper language coaching, the app teaches the basics of the language in an exciting way. It also helps to keep you up to date on your grammar and vocabulary, before heading off to  a foreign country.

How Can it Help You?

Designed to resemble a computer game, you are being guided by the app through lessons that need to be completed before progressing. Each lesson contains a segment where you match a word in your chosen language to a picture. There is also a section where the translation of a spoken sentence is done. These are just a few examples of what a Duolingo lesson can offer,  amongst many other types of learning materials. Each lesson can be taken for as long as needed, completed tasks can even be repeated over time if desired. More so, the app keeps you interested in learning due to your ability to gain practice points along the way.

Why Use the Duolingo App?

As earlier said, it is a free travel app and works well on iOS and Android. Thus, if you’re extremely committed to learning through the app, you’ll be a master of another language in no time. You’ll be able to read travel blogs, books, signs and even speak to locals in foreign languages . Spanish, French, German and Italian are the most popular languages you are able to learn on Duolingo.


Pocket Earth App

What Does it Do?

Pocket Earth App is map application which works completely offline with GPS. Offline GPS is an essential app which you must have when you are travelling abroad. Especially if you wish to avoid roaming charges and consequently save a lot money. This app is the most innovative and a feature-rich offline mapping application on the market. Most of all, the app has made available detailed and collaborative worldwide maps with over 100,000 places.

How Can it Help You?

For your journey, you can customize the maps to show the information you need and save your multi-stop schedules for offline triangulation. It is also known as one of the best travel apps for Europe. You can utilize this offline map to view your location, and also search for streets, addresses and POIs (Points of Interest) without an internet connection. Pocket Earth Offline Maps can help you discover a lot of interesting places like hotels, restaurants, bars and tourist sites.

It can even get metro and public transit info. It also offers you research for more than 50,000 detailed Wikivoyage Travel Guides and more than 1 million Wikipedia articles in seven languages. This is achieved by utilizing community driven open data, compressing and packaging it in a format enhanced for mobile devices.

Why Use the Pocket Earth App?

The  maps provided by this app are faster, very detailed and of high visual quality. Pocket Earth’s

App works well on Apple, iPhones, iPads. The basic version of the app is free and the Pocket Earth Pro is extremely well priced at $4.99.


XE Currency

What Does it Do?

XE.com is the most recommended and trusted location for currency exchanges on the web. Thus, it is not surprising that their application is so popular. XE Currency App offers lots of business-oriented features, such as the rates for precious metals, the historic currency charts and price calculator.

How Can it Help You?

For the common traveller, XE.com is most suitable for the basic reason that it has the capability to convert every world currency. In addition to current rates, the XE Currency app provides market analysis information as well as charts that can track your selected currency’s exchange rate. It is best that this app always stay connected with internet service so as to be updated with currency fluctuations. However, it can also be used offline since it has the ability to save the last updated rates up to the last minute update. This is great for you if you’re in a place with limited connectivity or you’re trying to save on data.

Why Use the Pocket Earth App?

XE Currency App (the world’s most downloaded foreign exchange app) is a must-have application for you if you desire to be kept up-to-date about world currency rate information. It’s free and is available for iPhones, ipads, Androids, Blackberry phones, Windows and Firefox OS devices; however, it runs better on iPhone devices, being this one of the best travel apps for iPhone.


Google Translator

What Does it Do?

This Google Translator App can be a very valuable tool to support your language learning activity. Nonetheless, it is realistically the most useful on a practical level rapidly interpreting day-to-day words that you come across on your journeys.

How Can it Help You?

It has a standout camera translation feature for over 29 languages. For instance, you can hold your camera up to text (such as a sign, or a menu) – and Google Translator App will translate it for you without any delay. Thus it’s an indispensable app for any traveller. As a traveller to a new city, this app is imperative to make sure that you aren’t about to place order for a “large bag with more sauce” for lunch. The App also offers a 2-way instant speech translation in 32 languages. Most noteworthy, is the provided phrasebook with which you can save and star translations in any language for future reference.

Why Use the Google Translator App?

It’s a free app and is compatible with any iOS and Android device. This app translates words, phrases and even web pages between over 100 languages by typing. When there is no internet coverage in your area, it can still translate in over 52 languages.



What Does it Do?

The Kayak app, is a free travel app, is vital for resourcefully propelling all your important travel planning and info inside a single travel planning app. Kayak is equally valuable for booking flights, hotels and hire cars. Although the booking options are limited since you can’t get a rental car with vacation packages. It searches several databases of other travel sites at once to get you the right information for making the right decision on your journey.

How Can it Help You?

Kayak provides comparative prices of various travel sites. This helps you to cover multiple sites that you would have had to search through yourself. Although, you can decide to turn the comparison off if it annoys you just a little too much. The app’s unique selling point is Kayak’s price notification.This feature will beep you in case the fares for your chosen journey drop below the regular maximum. Its has features that allow you to get information about airports and airlines which has been combined into a single directory.

Why Use the Kayak App?

With Kayak app, you can track flights, hotels and cars every hour of every day across various countries and categories.The App’s most outstanding feature is the app’s availability for iOS 7.0 and above, Android 2.0 and above, as well as Windows 8 phones.


World Clock – Time Zones

What Does it Do?

The World Clock – Time Zones app gives iPhone and Android users the ability to find the local time and time zone information for several locations around the world. The offset of a city from the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) can be found using the app. Other information that can be discovered includes the country’s flag, country’s time zone name and abbreviation, as well as the country’s offset from your present location.

How Can it Help You?

Features of the app include a time zone converter, interactive time zone map, and Daylight saving time (DST). The app automatically updates to the databases from all over the world to support time zone information changes that occur around the universe. It also allows the time display to be personalized from a variety of analog to digital clock designs. Information about cities can be saved to favourites so as to be reused easily in the future.

Although the app can work offline, it does however require an internet connection for synchronization and databases updates. Since most countries are constantly changing their time zones and daylight saving time (DST), it is therefore imperative that the app is updated often. The World Clock – Time Zones app automatically takes into consideration the changes made for all countries and territories. Definitely ones of the best apps 2016 and one of the best travel apps for Android devices.

Why Use the World Clock – Time Zone App?

The free World Clock – Time Zone app is easy to use and offers many features. The interactive Time Zone Map for places worldwide stands out as the top feature on the app. The app is compatible with any iOS and it is one of the best travel apps for Android as well.



With the development of the best travel apps, travelling is now a lot smoother and easier compared to the old days, when we had pull out a massive paper map to find our way. As a modern traveller, the following apps are a must for your smartphone. With these travel  apps you are sure to save money, time, energy and space. Travel apps make you feel at home even in a foreign land. Thus, you should give them a shot today. Enjoy your travelling from a new dimensions, ranging from planning your travelling itinerary, booking your flight, making hotel reservations, hiring a cab and meeting new people in a new location.

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