Christmas Is Coming! Best Artificial Christmas Trees, Decorations And Lights Special For You!

Christmas is a yearly observance honoring the introduction of Jesus Christ, celebrated on December 25 as a religious and social festival among billions of individuals around the globe. Many people use decorations or ornaments during Christmas to make their house feel more festive. Decorations include the Christmas tree, ornaments for your Christmas tree and Christmas lights. There are many different types of these ornaments as you will see in below in our special edition Christmas review. Selection and shopping for these ornaments during Christmas always is a task because each item is different in its own way and everyone’s needs are different. Hopefully we can make your holiday season decision making just a little bit easier!



Balsam Hill  /  Balsam Fir / Various Sizes Available

Most Realistic Tree

The darling Balsam Fir is a standout amongst the most widely recognized Artificial Christmas tree species in North America. The Balsam Fir is solid in nature, which allows it to flourish in the mountains of Virginia through to the Northeast and deep into the Arctic Circle. Known for its appealing shape and its sticky sap, the Balsam Fir is one of the three most famous Christmas trees ever. The BH Balsam Fir  is modeled after the Abies balsamea. It looks extremely realistic, down to the details of the thick needles. (however they left out the sticky tar!).



  • Similar Foliage to a real Balsam Fir
  • Wide range of lighting options
  • Premium tree stand with scratch-proof rubber feet
  • Off-season storage bag(s)
  • Comes with protective gloves to help shape your tree
  • Extra bulbs and fuses
  • On/off foot pedal (except trees with Color Clear Lights)
  • Remote control included on trees with Color Clear Lights

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Best Choice / Premium Spruced Hinged Artificial Christmas Tree / 7ft 5 Inches

Best Priced Tree

Best Choice Products shows this new Premium Christmas Tree. Liven your home with holiday cheer. This happy, 7.5 FT Christmas tree is created with a tough and fold-able, steel stand. The Spruce-styled tree highlights a full shape leaving a bunch of space to string lights and beautiful adornments. The body is planned with a simple design and the ability fluff the branches up. There are 1346 branch tips to give the tree character and a very impressive appearance. Tree is isolated into 3 segments with branches appended to the inside shaft for simple set up and capacity. Commence the Christmas season with the Best Choice Products Premium Christmas Tree’s lifelike presentation. It’s sure to bring you and your family joy this holiday season!




  • The 7.5 FT Christmas tree is made with a metal hinges and a fold-able, steel stand
  • The body is composed with a simple design and 1346 branches that have the ability to be fluffed.
  • The Spruce-styled tree’s full shape gives the perfect amount of space for stringing lights and beautiful trimmings

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Hayden / Pre-lit Pine / 7ft 5 Inches

Best Pre-Lit Tree

Make your space come alive during the holiday’s when you bring this amazing 7.5-ft pre-lit simulated Hayden Pine Christmas tree home. This tree comes pre-lit with 900 clear radiant lights, giving it a consistent shine. The pain of hanging tree lights will be a thing of Christmas past. Hayden’s patented Quick set innovation permits you to set up and embellish your tree just in minutes. You will find 3,374 lush branches, allowing you to decorate your tree in any festive style you want. Turning on the lights will be a easy as pie with the on/off foot control switch. The well made stand keeps the tree up, without the fear of it falling over on grandma during your family festivities. If you’re in need of a centerpiece for your room this holiday season, the Hayden Pine Christmas Tree is an excellent choice. It will add warmth and holiday cheer any family room.



  • This full and lavish fake Christmas tree is overflowing with 3,374 simple to-shape cashmere branch tips.
  • The tree is also ornamented with appealing pinecones
  • Quick Set innovation makes setup easy
  • The 900 Endless clear lights will cast occasion charm throughout your space

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Bayberry / Spruce Slim Feel Real Artificial Christmas Tree / 7ft

Best Tree for Small Spaces

The 7ft Slim Weeping Spruce is an awesome tree for somebody with a small space that isn’t able to hold a full sized tree. The Spruce’s slender downswept frame is a comprised of a blend of PVC and PE branches making a very nice looking Xmas tree. The Feel-Real PE branches are delicate to the touch yet keep their shape even when they are loaded up with decorations.



  • Great height for most rooms
  • Slim build for smaller spaces
  • Number of Tips: 1483
  • Pivoted Construction
  • Branch Diameter: 4 and 5cm (1.5″ and 2″)
  • Tree Diameter 102cm (40″)
  • Branches that feel real and keep their shape with weight on them

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Vickerman /  Frosted Eastern Frasier Fir Christmas Tree / 6ft 5 Inches

Best Frosted Christmas Tree

The Vickerman Frosted Eastern Frasier Fir is perfectly frosted to give this Christmas tree a fresh outdoor look. The tree has a 1590 PVC/PE molded tips and 500 clear UL lights, making for a full and bright appearance. It’s easy to use with the step On/Off switch, strong metal hinged branches and quick folding metal stand. Add the perfect amount of holiday cheer to your room with this amazing Vickerman product.



  • 78″ Tall
  • 44″ Long
  • Collapsing Metal Stand
  • Convenient On/Off Foot Switch
  • 500 Warm White Mini Light Lights
  • 1590 PE/PVC Tips

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B. Christmas tree Decoration Sets


Balsam Hill / Mistletoe and Holly Glass Ornament Set / 35 Pieces

Best Classic Ornament Set

Are you having a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit? Try decorating your tree with the Balsam Hill Mistletoe and Holly decoration set to stir up that Christmas feeling you are looking for. This Christmas ornament set is made of beautifully blown glass. BH incorporates the many of the classic Christmas symbols into their designs. This includes snowmen, Santa Claus, trains, sleighs and more. Different shapes are used to make a wonderful blend of ball, puppet, tear and chime shapes adding visual interest to any tree. The ornaments also vary in size, running from 3″ to 8.5″ tall and every adornment is shaded to add dramatic detail. Brighten up your tree with the BH Mistletoe and Holly Ornament Set.



  • Ornaments range from 3″ to 8.5″ tall
  • Comes in sets of 35, 12, and 6
  • Produced with blown glass
  • Classic Christmas symbols and colors are used

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FrontGate / Margaritaville Solid Ball Ornament Kit / 30 Pieces

Best Solid Ball Ornament Kit

Margaritaville wants you to “Imagine all the colors of the paradise ocean blue, white sands, green palm fronds, the golden sun and more” when gazing upon their 30 piece ornament set. The exclusive set will give you the feeling of being in the tropics. All sets contain specially crafted mouth blown ornaments that reflect island life. To complete the look, we suggest also pairing up solid ball kit with the Margaritaville ornament collection.




  • Mouth-blown glass decorations
  • Colors that reflect the vibrant shades of the tropics
  • Complements the Margaritaville ornament kit
  • 30-pieces ranging in size from 80mm – 120mm

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Balsam Hill  / Crystal Palace Glass Ornament Set / 35 Pieces

Best Modern Ornament Set

The Crystal Palace Glass Ornament Set will add a lovely bit of shimmer to your Christmas tree. These Balsam Hill decorations are made from  hand-blown glass. Then they are carefully brought to life with beading, precious stones, and sparkle highlights. The shine off these ornaments is like no other, as they catch the light and make your space come alive. All Crystal Palace ornaments are hand-painted in shades of pewter and silver. Making them the ideal choice for someone who prefers a metallic color scheme in their space.



  • Made by Balsam Hill select
  • Set of 35, extending from 4.25″ to 9.5″ in tallness
  • The collection includes tears, balls, and finials
  • Decorated with precious stones, beading, and sparkles
  • Made with hand-blown glass

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Anthropologie /  Snowflake Ornament Set / 9 Pieces

Best Wooden Ornament Set

Anthropologie has created a superb arrangement of 6 finely detailed wooden snowflakes. Use them to decorate your tree or improve the Christmas atmosphere in your home, auto or office. They are made from wood and are 3,3″ L x  3,7″W. Every piece is visually interesting and will add a touch of class to any space you decorate this holidays season.



  • Set of nine extreamly detailed snowflakes
  • Made from wood, cotton, polyester, plastic and iron
  • Dimensions 3.3 Inches x 3.7 Inches

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Cox and Cox / Silver Flocked Baubles / 12 Pieces

Best Modern Ornament Set

Cox and Cox have created a set of very unique and lavish flocked Christmas baubles. Dress up your  Christmas tree with these beautiful silver balls. Each of the baubles have been finished with an elegant distressed flocked finish that you won’t find in any other set. Cox and Cox have made sure that these ornaments are of the highest quality right down to the smallest detail, featuring antiqued brass fasteners and faux suede hanging loops. We guarantee you that these baubles will bring a delight to all of your holiday guests.



  • H 9cm x DIA 8cm
  • Made of Glass
  • Silver Flock
  • Antiqued brass fasteners and Faux suede hanging loops
  • Also available in a festive pinecone shape

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C. Christmas Tree Light Sets


Wooden Reindeer Fairy Lights / 12 Lights

Best Wooden Lights

Would you like to add a little bit of Nordic charm to your Christmas decorations? These rustic wooden Reindeer lights would be a great option. Cover your tree or home this year with these lights, they will look great anywhere. The natural wooden shade is finished off with pixie lights that give off a warm white shine. There are only 12 wooden reindeer per set,  but you will see many more as the shine of lights cast a shadows throughout your space. We truly believe these will be a great addition to your holiday decor.



  • 12 Wooden Deer
  • Warm White LEDs
  • 2m of Lights
  • 3m of Clear Cable
  • Indoor Transformer Included

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Balsam Hill  / App Enabled Color Changing C9 Lights / 15 Lights

Best App Enabled Lights

The Balsam Hill App-Enabled lights bring a whole new dimension to Christmas tree lights. These lights are controlled by Lumen play and offer 16 million unique hues at the touch of a button. Lumen play is a simple application that you can get at the Google Play or App Store. You will have tons of fun creating your very own light shows to coordinate with your festive music. The high quality LED lights can be easily controlled by Bluetooth from your Android or iPhone.



  • 16 million shading options
  • Synchronizes to your music and components
  • Uses vitality productive LED lights
  • Perfect for use with Android or iOS
  • Easy to use free Lumen play App

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Best Simple LED Set

Light-discharging diode (LED) occasion lights are rapidly picking up fame in many places because of their low vitality use, long life, and minimal upkeep. The Vickerman lights are a great option because the a reasonably priced, you get 100 lights per set and they give off a nice warm holiday hue.  Vickerman only makes high quality products, so you know that these lights will run smoothly and last for a long time.



  • Warm White Finish
  • 1 Inch High
  • 5 Inches Wide
  • 408 Inches Deep
  • Weight: 1.09 LBS
  • Outdoor Wet Rated
  • 100 LED lights per set
  • Uses Energy-Efficient, Durable LED Technology

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Holiday Living /  24-ft Constant Multicolor C7 Plug-in Indoor/Outdoor Christmas String Lights / 25 Lights

Best Resemblance to Christmas Lights of Our Past

We all loved the classic Christmas tree lights of our younger years. Unfortunately that don’t make those wonderful lights anymore. There are many companies making lights that look similar to these vintage lights, including Holiday Living. While they aren’t exactly the same, 24ft set is good choice when trying to get that old school Christmas feel back. They lights are also reasonably priced, allowing you to save some cash the holiday season.


  • This 25 set C7 string lights last up to 1,000 hours
  • Green rope with 24-ft lit length
  • This item has met the minimum requirements and safety standards

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 Anthropologie /  Fireside Christmas Lights / 1.8 Meters

Best Modern Twist on the Vintage Light Style

The Anthropologie Fireside Christmas Lights have taken the vintage style and added a modern twist. They have used classic Christmas colors and bulb shape, but added a crackle to the paint job. This has given the lights a really interesting look that would improve your tree or room in an instant. The set helps the eyesore of a cord be less visible by making it clear. You can also operate these lights with batteries which is nice if you don’t have any outlets near you tree.



  • Crackle Painted Glass LED lights
  • AA battery operated
  • 8 meters
  • 3cm lights
  • Cord is clear

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In conclusion, from the above it can clearly be seen that there are different Christmas trees, lights and decorations. Extensive research should therefore be done in order to come up with the best types of decor for a joyful and colorful holiday season. We hope that our special edition Christmas review has been helpful and will guide you in your last minute decoration decisions. We wish you a  bright Christmas Day and a Happy New Year!


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