Hair Straighteners – How To Find What’s Right For You


When it comes to finding the best straightener, or flat iron, for your hair, things can become a little tricky. Every brand claims to have created a ‘revolutionary’ product and that theirs is ‘the best on the market’. Well, if that were true, things would definitely be a lot simpler…But it’s not true. Because of this, we have decided to compare the best products on the market and determine what specific product is best suited for your needs!

How To Choose Your Hair Straightener

When it comes to choosing a specific hair straightener, it is essential to know the different types that are currently available. You may be wondering what we actually mean by ‘different types’. Well, when you buy any product, there are most likely going to be varying styles depending on what it will be used for. So, when buying a hair straightener, it is crucial to keep the following things in mind:(3A) Fine Hair – Hair tends to have a natural shine to it and has loose curls

Hair Texture

As you may or may not have noticed, the texture of your hair is not the same as everyone else’s. This can be due to your genetics, the environment that you live in, the treatment that your hair receives (excessive bleaching / conditioning and maintenance etc) and a many other things. It is most often easy to tell, by touching, what texture your hair is. However, sometimes it isn’t as simple as saying “my hair is exactly *insert texture* and I need this type of straightener!” Often, some people’s hair is (slightly) different depending on the weather and other natural circumstances. Most hair straighteners still work if your hair is feeling a little thinner than normal, so don’t stress too much if you don’t completely fit into a specific category.

  • Type 1 – Straight Hair
    • (1A) Fine Hair – Is normally quite thin in texture, soft, and often has a noticeable shine.
    • (1B) Medium Textured Hair – Similar to ‘fine hair’ in shine and softness, but tends to have more body to it.
    • (1C) Coarse Hair – Is very thick in texture and is the most resistant to styling (in particular – curls).
  • Type 2 – Wavy Hair
    • (2A) Fine Hair – Is fine and thin, and is normally good to style as it can be easily curled or straightened
    • (2B) Medium Waved Hair – Pretty self-explanatory. This hair type is typically known to have waves that tend to comply with the shape of your head.
    • (2C) Frizzy Hair – Is normally very coarse and will frizz easily in heat, or by brushing.

  • Type 3 – Curly Hair
    • (3A) Fine Hair – Hair tends to have a natural shine to it and has loose curls.
    • (3B) Medium Hair – Regularly has a medium amount of curls. These can include spiral-like curls of hair (or bouncy ringlets) or anything to very tight spiral curls (or tight corkscrews).

Material of Iron

Now, depending on your specific hair type, the material of the iron on your hair straightener may well be the difference of whether your hair looks ‘killer’ or ‘killed’. What a high percentage of people don’t even know is that hair straighteners use different iron materials, depending on the quality of the product, and the job needed to be done. Below are the main examples of what is needed:

  • Ceramic Plate
    • These straighteners are known to be able to heat evenly throughout the iron, giving the product a more high-quality result.
    • As opposed to glass or metal irons, ceramic plates allow your hair to easily glide between the irons, rather than snag on any chipped material.
    • Infrared technology from the ceramic iron allows moisture to lock straight into the hair cuticle, giving you an all-over glossy look, rather than turning your luscious mane into a frizz ball.
    • The ceramic iron’s infrared technology also allows for any treated hair colour to remain for longer. Instead of fading the colour, the iron instead adds a shine to your locks, making them look more radiant than ever.
    • While they include all this professional-sounding technology, they are actually relatively cheap. Obviously, prices will vary depending on the specific hair straightener.
  • Titanium Plate
    • Titanium plates heat up faster than both the ceramic plates and the tourmaline plates, due to the fact that it is both an excellent heat conductor and allows for a minimum variation in temperature on the actual iron. This makes it so that it minimises heat damage to your hair.
    • Because of the heat that the titanium plate emits, these plates are primarily recommended for thicker hair, as it often requires less uses to gain a straight look on the hair.
    • However, if you are not careful, this type of iron can still damage your hair. Because the iron heats quicker and transfers heat better, if you hold it to your hair for an excessive amount of time, or use it consistently or poorly, you can still cause damage to your hair. Due to this, it is recommended to be used as a professional iron.
  • Tourmaline Plate
    • While other iron materials are specific to a certain range of hair textures, tourmaline is what is often considered ‘revolutionary’ in the world of heat-style technology. As you may have understood, tourmaline irons are more flexible when it comes to working with different hair textures.
    • Tourmaline plates are often infused with other ceramic and titanium plates, in order to be able to generate an even shinier and straighter result, no matter the texture of your hair.
    • Tourmaline plates use negative ions, and when they come into contact with the positive ions that are on dry hair, they create a neutral charge, which ensures that the hair’s cuticle lies flat and creates a glossy, straight style.

Our Top Picks

As we were searching for reliable sources of information, we found the following highly rated hair straighteners were being advertised all over. Bare in mind that, while these hair straighteners are highly favoured, each still has their positives and negatives. Also consider each category before taking it upon yourself to purchase any of the following, to ensure that you choose the product that is superlative to any others for your hair:

Remington S5500 Digital Anti Static Flat Iron (£36.99)

Best Cheap Ceramic Hair Straightener

  • Hair texture: Thin to Thick hair
  • Material of Iron: Ceramic

If you’re looking for something cheap that actually gets the job done, this the flat iron for you! These hair straighteners use 1 inch long ceramic plates that are infused with anti-static technology (hence the name) that leaves a sleek finish on your hair, and are able to heat up in just 30 seconds to 410 degrees – a real salon quality product for only $20! Recommended for use on a range of thin-thick hair, this flat iron can even straighten the more damaged hair out there.

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CHI PRO G2 Digital Titanium Infused Ceramic Flat Iron (£123.00)

Best Expensive Ceramic Hair Straightener

  • Hair texture: Thin to Thick hair
  • Material of Iron: Ceramic
  • Special features : Color-coded technology

Featuring a sleeker and more modern design, compared to older models, this titanium infused ceramic flat iron uses color-coded technology that allows the flat iron to adjust its temperature according to your hair’s thickness, making it the perfect product for even the more coarse hair types. Reaching an impressive 425 degrees, this straightener is impressively versatile when it comes to the texture of your hair, and holds a lush shiny and professional-looking style for the whole day!

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Head Jog Electric Auto Shut Off Titanium Vibe Straightener Styler (£36.95)

Best Cheap Titanium Hair Straightener

  • Nota bene : For experienced users !
  • Material of Iron: Titanium
  • Special features : Vibrating technology

Perfect for those on a budget, these vibrating-plated hair straighteners are one of a kind! Using the method of heat and vibrations, similar to that of the Korean women before the invention of electricity, hair receives a luxury heat treatment, guaranteeing a smooth, straight style. With a high temperature of 445 degrees, it is recommended that only experienced users purchase this product, as misuse may easily damage hair!

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iTech 83881 Ti Infrared 450 Professional Titanium Infrared Flat Iron (£99)

Best Expensive Titanium Hair Straightener

  • Nota bene : For experienced users !
  • Hair texture : Ideal for Thick hair
  • Material of Iron: Titanium

Nano-ceramic heaters ensure that this flat iron can maintain an even heat throughout the plates at all times, meaning a more professional finish. Favoured in salons, due to the high intensity, these are recommended for the more experienced users, as high temperatures of 450 degrees can damage hair if not used correctly. Thick and coarse hair will strive with this flat iron, giving shiny and expert results!

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Xtava Professional Infrared Flat Iron, Silk Edition (£178)

Best Cheap Tourmaline Hair Straightener

  • Hair texture : Ideal for Medium-Coarse hair
  • Material of Iron: Tourmaline
  • Special feature : Temparature auto-regulation to prevent hair damage

The best quality at such a low price! This flat iron is able to seal in the hair’s natural moisture through the use of negative ions in the plates. This means that, after using, you will receive a natural silky shine that lasts with you for the entire day! There is no need to worry about any kind of damage, either! The Xtava flat iron includes a temperature regulation function that ensures hair will not be damaged during use. If your medium-coarse hair seems unnamable, this is definitely going to be a life-saver!

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HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron (£89.92)

Best Expensive Tourmaline Hair Straightener

  • Hair texture : Fromt the finest to the thickest !
  • Material of Iron: Tourmaline

Giving the finest to the coarsest hair the best treatment, this product is most definitely worth the investment. Say “hello” to your new best friend, when it comes to hair products. With 450 degrees of power and a quick and even heat distributor, this flat iron is the saviour of hair! It’s time to stop worrying about overuse and over-cooked hair, this HSI straightener gives a silky smooth finish and uses negative ions to trap moisture within the hair’s cuticle, giving a sleek look all over!


When it comes to finding the perfect hair straightener, or flat iron, that is best suited to your hair, it is always advisable to look into the specifics, rather than picking up the first thing you see. Personally, here at E-Review, we would recommend one of our Top Picks, as the quality of each straightener goes above and beyond!
Always remember to pick a product that suits your hair type, though, in order to avoid any burning/singing/other damage. For thinner hair, opt for a ceramic plate. If your hair is thicker, go for a titanium plated flat iron, but beware of overuse. However, if you want to go for something a little more all-round, a tourmaline plate hair straightener is always a good bet! Keep in mind that cheaper products often lose quality after some time, so even though the price tag may seem higher, the condition of the product should hold stronger and give a better result. No matter which product you pick though, always remember that there’s nothing wrong with rocking your natural locks. You do you!


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