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Knowing that music is developing so quickly, many manufacturers have invested a lot of time and effort to deliver the best products. At the moment, the best way to enjoy music to the fullest is by playing it on wireless speakers, which are more often used as Bluetooth speakers. There are dozens of reasons why they are superior to any other kind of music emitters.

Right on the top of the branch stands a pedestal that is shared by Sonos, JBL, Sony, UE and many more brands that are more than capable of fulfilling your needs for proper quality time.

Correspondingly, it can be difficult to decide which wireless speaker is best for you. There’s simply too many to choose from, and most offer great features making the decision-making process that much harder.

However, that’s what we’re here for, to identify the best wireless speakers, and provide you with some insight about each one, in terms of the features they offer, what are they best used for, the price of each, connectivity offered, battery life, bass sound and so forth. Making it easier for you to identify which Bluetooth speaker suits you best!

Wireless Speakers

The first notable difference between the standard and wireless speakers is the lack of cords and wires. These speakers are portable, and more practical in every possible way – you don’t have to bother with tangled cables, accidental trips on them, and where you will put them.

Being compact and portable means that these speakers are more suitable for every possible purpose. If you are at home, you can listen to music with more convenience, if you are organizing a party you could place them wherever, and they wouldn’t bother anyone with wires.

The last factor might not be considered as an advantage, but it definitely comes as a huge pro when you combine the features offered by each of these speakers. Most models are just as capable of delivering the performance of great quality as standard speakers.

This is fairly significant for many since, you wouldn’t find much use of a product that is portable and compact but offers a low quality of performance.


Sonos PLAY:1


Sonos products offer a manifold of products, but their signature remains the innovative “smart speaker” design. These wireless speakers include a HiFi system that is connected with a dedicated server through the Sonos network via a wireless connection or the Ethernet cable. The streaming of any digital audio data was made possible by this, making the use of speaker devices more convenient.

What’s more, even if you own several Sonos devices, you can easily connect them with the AES-encrypted mesh network, which is otherwise known as the SonosNet. This technology allows the sound to be simultaneously reproduced in secular zones. Finally, a fun fact is that none of the Sonos speakers possess a power button.

Sonos Play 1 is perhaps, the best Sonos model of wireless speakers on the market. The trademark SonosNet allows you to enjoy music in different zones simultaneously, or attune a single song to perfection in your home. The set-up takes less than ten minutes if you’re using Wi-Fi connection.

They are ideal for any stereo pair or a home theater, as they are fully mountable and very convenient with their wireless technology. All of the audio data can safely be streamed on Pandora, Spotify, or Apple music.

Price of Play 1 is £169.00


  • Humidity resistant, making it perfect to be used outdoors or in the bathroom
  • You can work two Sono’s Play 1 speakers simultaneously and have them work as home theatre rear speakers


  • Compact, but quite bulky
  • Lacks of a built-in battery limits room-to-room mobility


UE Boom 2


UE boasts a wide range of custom wireless speakers that are operated by the Bluetooth technology. They also produce in-ear monitors and earphones.

One of the products that made them famous was the invention of the model that is considered to be of highest quality even by today’s standards is the EU-5. They have provided speakers and earpieces to many famous musicians, such are Enrique Iglesias, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and The Rolling stones.

This pair of speakers is very high-tech and implements the use of many practical features, such as voice integration, wireless connection of up to 50 Ultimate Ears speakers, and the incredible battery life span of 15 hours.

Speaking of sound output, they are capable of delivering an incredibly deep bass and amazing 360-degree noise. They are portable and compact, making them easy to carry around. Still, the most important feature of the UE Boom 2 is that it is both Waterproof and Shockproof.

Price of EU Boom 2 is £169


  • Provided in several colors
  • Wireless connection of up to 50 Ultimate Ears speakers


  • Fairly pricey for what you get
  • Distorts at high volumes


Bose SoundTouch 10


One of the older brands, the Bose Corporation. Their most famous products are headphones with extreme noise canceling properties, audio systems fit for professional use, automobile high-quality sound systems, and speakers.

This brand offers phenomenal wireless speakers and audio systems, and they are specialized for professional use. You will find their products at stadiums, theaters, retail stores, meeting rooms and so forth.

When we speak about quality, we would definitely want to mention the SoundTouch and SoundLink series of Bose Wireless speakers, as they are, perhaps, the best generations of audio devices that this brand has to offer. The main difference between them is that the SoundTouch generation offers simplified manual settings, while the SoundLink generation was made to be as practical as possible while using the Bluetooth technology.

The Bose Corporation boasts a wide assortment of the best Bluetooth speakers that offer great quality and value. Their speakers are very reliable, highly compact, and very sought after, mainly because of the outstanding features they provide.

The best wireless speaker model by Bose, the Sound Touch 10 offers compactness, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection, and a very practical method of operation. A key example is the One-Touch mechanism, which lets you access the audio services such as Spotify and Pandora.

Price of Bose Sound Touch 10 is £169


  • Phenomenal sound quality at moderate volume
  • Very compact and practical. It’s not necessarily a small wireless speaker, but it’s definitely very compact and can be carried around easily


  • Negative reviews concerning the application that comes along with it
  • Not very loud, and does not deliver a quality bass sound


JBL Charge 2+

JBL Charge +2

The best generations of speakers that JBL has to offer are the JBL Clip, JBL Charge, and JBL Pulse. Each set of models offers different features and settings. Their products are highly reliable and very versatile, so you need not fret about if you receive value for the price you pay, simply worry about what do you want out of your speakers.

The JBL Charge generation offers the category of wireless speakers that are equipped with premium quality batteries that last very long and are easily rechargeable, while the JBL Pulse generation often comes equipped with a decent light show feature.

When it comes to convenience and battery lifespan and quality simultaneously, the JBL is no doubt your best choice. Apart from amazing sound quality and Bluetooth streaming options, these speakers come equipped with Lithium Ion battery that can hold out for 12 hours that can be recharged by using a USB port.

It also features a bass radiator that improves the overall feel of the bass, as well as increasing its power. The Charge 2+ can connect 3 different musical sources at the same time, and the splash-proof feature makes these speakers nearly waterproof.

Price of JBL Charge 2+ is £149


  • Splash-proof, but not waterproof. Still, making it a suitable to be used outdoors
  • You can pair it with up to three Bluetooth devices simultaneously


  • Distorts heavily on tracks with serious sub-bass
  • Unlike the original Charge, this model doesn’t come with a carrying case


UE Megaboom

UE Megaboom

Yet another outstanding product from Ultimate ears is the Megaboom. A waterproof and lightweight speaker of about 1.93 pounds. It has a special voice integration function and an amazing Bluetooth connectivity. The battery lifetime is one of the main advantages this model offers, as it lasts up to 20 hours of battery that can be recharged with a USB port.

Price of EU MegaBoom  is £249


  • A conveniently long battery lifetime
  • The Megaboom is waterproof up to one meter for 30 minutes


  • It’s fairly expensive
  • Design doesn’t suit everyone’s taste

Sony SRS-X5


One of the most famous brands in the technological sphere, Sony is a synonym for quality. They are one of the best when it comes to electronics and entertainment.

You can recognize a Sony wireless speaker even through a blindfold. Their design is easily distinguishable from other speakers. Most of their models are shaped in a similar way because the manufacturer decided to invest extra effort in the quality of sound, knowing that the speaker’s attractiveness has little to do with their efficiency.

This brand deserves a lot of admiration because they managed to remain old-school, staying closely bonded to their traditional ways, all the while implementing

The SRS X-5 is a model that offers a lot. It is incredibly powerful with a consumption of 20 watts, it features a subwoofer with passive radiators with the frequency of response ranging from 50Hz – 20kHz. The one-touch technology makes the operation system incredibly easy, and the battery can be recharged via USB port.

Price of Sony SRS-X5 is £159


  • Amazing durability and compactness
  • It has built-in speakerphone functionality and a USB charging port that charges your smartphone


  • If the touchpad malfunctions, you won’t have the means to operate these speakers
  • Sound distortion when played at loud volume


When it comes to choosing your set of wireless speakers, it might take you a while to decide on which is the ‘best one’, mainly because of the vast range of models that possess high capabilities. However, in order to help you with your decision, we’ve provided a list of prominent brands that earned their place over the years. The top brand being Sonos, JBL, Ultimate Ears, Sony, and Bose.

We’ve mentioned all of the advantages that you can benefit from if you opt for a wireless model of speakers, while the only downfall might be the price, they are a bit more expensive than a regular set of speakers, but they offer a lot more possibilities and improved features.


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